giq - the GNU interactive queue


giq (gick, or q-i-q) essentially manages a list of processes. You, the user, chooses a command to run on a file eg:
echo %s
wget %s
where %s is replaced by the filename.
Filenames are supplied either by dragging a file or URL onto giq, pasting from the selection buffer or generating a sequence.

The commands are executed concurrently, n processes at a time.


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current release is 0.2 (first public release)

Examples of use

Batch processing

you have 100 pictures to process. They are called pic00.tga - pic99.jpg. You have a dual processor box...its a mighty machine, but, well, not mighty enough to process 100 pictures at once.
Set max processes to 2 or 4, say. Use the job generator to create the jobs:
  1. set lower = 0
  2. set upper = 99
  3. set the commandname to 'process %s'
  4. set the filename to 'pic%02d.jpg' (note normal printf format)

Batch download

You have a weenie net connection, but download every second file you see. Set max_downloads to 1 or 2. Drag files you want to download onto the applet, as you browse.
check the download progress by clicking on the job.

Add dnd to any commandline program

set the commandname to your program name as above...set max processes as appropriate.


The main screen

Job creator


Features to come


Please help! I think this project has potential, but I haven't a lot of time at the moment... If you'd like to help mail me


Lachlan Cox
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